Processing Prices:

Bone-In and Full Carcass Animals:

(all bone-in processing is based on start weight)

Beef and Pork Butchered: 75¢ per pound 

Single Steak Packaging: 80¢ per pound

Burger Cow (ground entire beef): 80¢ per pound

Goat, Sheep and Lamb Butchered: $65.00 flat fee (if exceeds 90 lbs it will be 75¢ per pound)

Game Animals Butchered: $1.00 per pound or if animal is under 75 lbs it is a $75.00 minimum)

***We only accept beef between January 1st - August 31st***

Custom Game Services:

(10 lb minimum needed for every batch)

Regular Summer Sausage: $2.99 per pound

Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage: $3.99 per pound

Pepperstick Pepperoni: $4.49 per pound

Teriyaki Pepperoni: $4.49 per pound

Jalapeno Pepperoni: $4.99 per pound

Teriyaki Jerky: $10.00 per pound

Pepper Jerky: $10.00 per pound

Beer Dogs: $3.49 per pound

German Dogs: $3.49 per pound

Specialty Flavors: $4.99 per pound (seasonal: January - July) *20 lb batches only*

Game Hams: $20.00 per ham

Game Breakfast Sausage: $2.49 per pound

Boneless Grind Only: 75¢ per pound

Boneless Grind and Wrap: $1.50 per pound

***payment based off of finished weight***

***ask consultant for shrinkage percentage***

***no smaller packaging provided at any time***

Additional Processing:

Curing of Ham and Bacon: $1.10 per pound

Carry in Cure (doesn't include packaging) $1.50 per pound

Carry in Cure and Cut and Wrap: $2.00 per pound

Peppered Bacon: $3.00 per slab